ceciliazhang Post time 2018-1-23 11:06:09

Are Chinese women truly equal to men?

Do Chinese women enjoy equal social status with Chinese men? Compared with women in developed countries, how do Chinese women rank in social status? Is workplace gender inequality a big issue in China?

HailChina! Post time 2018-1-23 19:47:59

DMZappa Post time 2018-1-23 21:38:23

No and yes.

parcher Post time 2018-1-23 23:05:01

The equality for all is getting a bit annoying now. in the uk its now in our faces 24/7 from our femnazis who are now just out to totally destroy man.
Equality was reached more than a decade ago, but nobody  is brave enough to tell them..
i think china is lucky they dont have these old fossils controlling their media everyday .

seneca Post time 2018-1-24 08:42:35

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