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Why 强 means ‘strong’?

强 is a commonly used character which shape is interesting!
Its first part looks like 'bow' that is as same as what the left of my avatar shows;
The upper component of the remaining is 口 which is ‘mouth’ and 虫 means ‘worm’. -----------In China, some people call  tiger as ‘big worm’ with which adults often frighten kids by shouting ‘The tiger is coming up!’  --------In my hometown, the locals name snake as ‘long worm’; -----Even for tinny worms those often swallow your grain so seriously that we have such saying: You could afford to feed up a big horse but could not do so with worms!-----------Then I wonder what you would feel if you fix the eyes on ‘虽’for seconds?
The picture of 强 shows a bow seems like the mouth of a tiger, snake or an ordinary worm! Powerful!

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Wow your imagination is wonderful

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Wow your imagination is wonderful

Nice to see your comment before going to bed!

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Nice to see your comment before going to bed!

:loveliness: my pleasure

SEARU Post time 2018-2-18 09:25:35

The word 弱(weak)is opposite to strong(强)and the former also has something to do with bow(弓). How do you think of  what under the 弓? ------- That (the two strokes) should be the bottom of the arrow that is leather-like thing which could let the arrow fly straight without direction changing. The last part of the bow is relatively 'weak' compared with its sharp (even poisonous) metal-head.
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