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Long distance relationship... how do I make it work?

My girlfriend and I have been in a long distance relationship for a good 7 months now. It’s been going well but the ups and downs are also present.
There are moments when it’s unbearable, since we sometimes miss each other and the physical needs are always a problem.
I can definitely say that our relationship is worth fighting for... but on times when we fight,
it’s hard to make up with each other due to the distance.
I really need some moral support or advice on how we can make things work between us.
I met Gina through a singles tour held in Cebu, Philippines by A Foreign Affair.
It was love at first sight. Things went well between us and the chemistry is great.
I’ve decided to stay for a couple of months to get to know her better (her family and friends included.)
It was a huge jump from the ordinary but I’m glad I did it.
The fact that I need to come back to the U.S. because of my business that we are stuck with long distance at the moment.
We haven’t talked about marriage since I think it’s still too soon to consider it…
so, long distance will be our biggest obstacle for the meantime.
I’d really appreciate it if you guys can give me advice or suggestion on how I can keep our relationship stay,
if not smoothly, well. I’d also like to ask for advice on how to keep the spark between us to stay alive in this distance.
Please, give me advice.
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