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Ukraine's "City of Brides" - Is it worth visiting?

I have always been interested in going to Ukraine.
I’ve been a part of a site called LoveMe and have been corresponding with a few great Ukrainian girls…
I’m not just interested in their country, I’m also interested in marrying a local woman of Ukraine.
The girl I’m interested in is from Nikolaev and I’ve heard that it is also called the “City of Brides.”
Apparently, that city has an interesting history that made it into a city filled with marriage-worthy ladies.
Aside from the fact that I am looking for marriage, I can’t deny the stunning beauty their local women possess;
on top of being marriage-minded they are also family oriented. I definitely do want to visit and meet Ekaterina
(she’s the lady I’m interested in.) But, I can’t help wonder and worry if visiting Nikolaev, Ukraine is really worth it.
Since I haven’t been there, there’s no way for me to tell…
my judgement might have been swayed by the fact that a gorgeous woman is telling me that her city is amazing.
I want to believe it all but I would also like to know from someone foreign who has been there.
I’d like to make sure that I won’t end up having unreasonable expectations… I need advice!

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"City of Brides ?;P
You are clueless.......:lol

It is a city of shipbuilders.......:lol

Where do you want to go ? Микола́їв Mykolayiv or Никола́ев Nikolayev?:P

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"City of Brides ?
You are clueless.......

Ukraine women are pretty horny compared to other eastern countries

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Based on my research the Estonians and Latvians seem just as likely as Ukrainians to bark like a d ...

"...Estonians and Latvians seem just as likely as Ukrainians to bark like a dog for you for a couple of dollars. "

You human trash, you stooped to such a low level. Shame on you !

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Women or girls from the former USSR have taken up the majority of nude models of the West world, as far as I know.
You must have a strong body before you decide to have such a girl home because it is very likely you will not have nights of sound sleep for a while, a very long while.
God bless you and He will grant you good kidneys.
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