tenderloin Post time 2018-1-10 19:51:09

China unveils 80Ghz BiCmos radar chip for automotive

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80Ghz radar chip using mixed Bipolar and CMOS technology for automotive application.

Making progress in analog area rather just boring digital chip like CPU.

Saul Post time 2018-1-10 20:48:53

In 2014, a new radar sensor for continuous measurement of bulk solids, VEGAPULS 69, was introduced with great success. The higher transmitting frequency of 80 GHz allows considerably better focusing of the emitted signal. In containers and silos with many internal installations, the good focusing helps reduce the influence of microwave noise. VEGAPULS 64, the world's first 80-GHz radar level sensor for liquids, has ushered in a radically new era in radar measurement technology.

tenderloin Post time 2018-1-11 05:19:47

Finally, China has IP on 80Ghz radar chip.


tenderloin Post time 2018-1-11 05:22:24

Next year, 100Ghz version will come out

Saul Post time 2018-1-11 20:52:40

For the latest tech.

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