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the billionaire Liu qiangdong's wife once studied in that University is a famous beauty in China. maybe you donot know that. so i guess that University is a place to find true lover for the rich and handsome single man

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The most beautiful females are in Perth. But I don't think you can buy one.  Not on a 'singles tour' ...


The majority of Anglo Saxon chicks today are fat. And many are lesbian. Some are both fat and lesbian. Lots have short hair which is horrible.

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Well there was a teenage schoolgirl in year 12 last year at the highschool I work at as a cleaner  ...

Short hair

Short hair on a chick is desexing. They should at least wear head scarves to cover their horrible bare heads. I hate the bansksters for using their propaganda mills to popularize this scourge. It is nothing new. Hungarian nationalist Cecile de Tormay described the phenomenon during the short lived 1918 Hungarian revolution.

petera Post time 2018-10-21 12:21:16

Even this pathetic thread is monitored.
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