doubtful45 Post time 2018-1-8 17:53:40

I need advice on dating a woman that has a child

I met this amazing lady through A Foreign Affair. She’s a 28 y/o Filipina with a 5 year old daughter. We are still at the stage of getting to know each other and have been corresponding at least 3 times a day.
Everything is going really well between us but I am a little taken aback about her daughter.
I don’t mind dating someone with a child at all as long as I know there won’t be any problems with the “other party.”
That’s where I need advice… she did open up about having a daughter, what she does for a living and her family,
but she never opened up about the father of her child.
I need to have an assurance that there won’t be any problems when things become serious between us.
The father of her child will always be a big part of her daughter’s life.
I’m willing to compromise with that, but I need there to be boundaries.
I most certainly don’t want to suddenly get involved in something that may eventually become unpleasant.
I like her enough to want to know about these things. Before things between us become serious,
I want to know where I’ll be getting at. Am I rushing things?
I’d like to meet her in person as soon as possible.
I’m a little skeptical about months long of only exchanging letters.
I want to get a hint of assurance and start from there… I really need advice. Help me!

ocpaul20 Post time 2018-1-30 21:27:50

You will not find ANY assurances here. I think this relationship is worse than silly. If you are interested in a Filipina girl, then go there and learn the culture. Otherwise, if you dont want to do that, start thinking straight and realise that different culture is a BIG DEAL. I feel that you are just romanticizing it all and there is no basis at all for a relationship - however many emails you exchange.

If she asks for money, mentions money, or tells you she does not have money for shoes for her little one, then run as fast and as far as you can. I was caught that way and the girl had a husband she lived with too. It seems that foreigners of all nationalities are fair game for scams like this.

Trust me, it will probably give you some much-needed lessons in life.

BlackholeofTime Post time 2018-3-21 13:12:53

the lessons are there waiting for someone silly!

cyberspook Post time 2018-3-26 18:02:33

or you could wait and see where this relationship is going , if the child is a girl then there is more chance he will let her leave the country , if the child is a boy then there will be trouble if the father finds out she may leave the country , either way it sounds to me like it is still too early to be expecting answers to those questions , take your time .
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