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Hm... what was Mao's quote on religion?


re: supreme spiritual leader

don't you get red in the face?
your people are governed by an overseas  spiritual leader...
I hope you're fair enough to acknowledge this...

As far as I know, Only one Country ever stated:  or be prepared to be bombed back to the Stone Age.

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Actally there is no one to be blamed of in particular.  It's just some people are getting more and ...

Actually, I'm looking forward to hear them same sex couples complain...
I married him, I gave him everything I had and now:
   that ungrateful bastard got a spare while I'm away on business :lol;P

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re: supreme spiritual leader

don't you get red in the face?

Hm... referring to Pope Francis?  That is a debatable item for the Baptists. :P

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