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No difference in Iran...
What makes me wonder is why women are smarter then men...
same schools, same parents, only Western media is trying to twist it around...
not very successful one must say:lol

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Jaaja Post time 2018-1-2 20:26:53

Although chaos in a few Middle Eastern countries brings no tangible benefits to the West, when Western nations see a country like Iran falling into turbulence, they are glad.

I think that most westerners think that such trubulence has potential to create something better in Iran, and as OP mentioned " Iran became the West's number one enemy in the Middle East", that is what they hope to see changing.

If anything, the situation after turmoil to degree of revolution can not make things any worse if solely considering the designation "number one enemy in the Middle East". Even if it falls into anarchy between various sects lke in some other Middle Eastern countries, the overal Iran will no longer be west's "number one enemy in the Middle East".

It won't be pretty though - but I don't know the internal division lines in Iran between tribes or whatever, other the argued dissatisfaction among youth vs religious establishment in general. If that is the extent of it, then it may not get as bad as in other countries.

When large street protests occur, they challenge stability. For non-Western governments, efficient communication with their public at such a time is usually fraught with difficulty.

Regardless of style of governance, war is often considered extension of politics, and when  political freedoms are restricted, the jump from dissatisfaction to violence is shorter - and in such systems it can often only be prevented by further restricting political freedoms. So it is a self-feeding cycle.

Just like industrial plants need vents to let excess steam or whatever out, so do societies. Otherwise they tend to explode sooner or later.

In China, Deng recognized this in time and started reforms. Continuing reforms under current administration seem to be the vent that China has chosen.

What does Iran have? What did Syria or Libya have?

seneca Post time 2018-1-2 22:42:33

tradervic Post time 2018-1-3 01:32:19

Iran is a religious country whose supreme spiritual leader is more powerful than the elected president.

Hm... what was Mao's quote on religion?


seneca Post time 2018-1-3 04:42:36

seneca Post time 2018-1-3 04:46:11

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