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Why Chinese men make the best mates

Lilian Hamilton, a Western woman who has been dating a Chinese man for the past four years, think Chinese men outperform Western men in almost every category. Here are five reasons Chinese men make the best boyfriends and husbands. Do you agree or disagree?http://img0.zhytuku.china.com/images/zhycms_chinaplus/20171201/5d85e920-cd28-4cd8-9665-6fff21cba893.jpg?x-oss-process=image/resize,w_650
One, they care about you. Your Chinese man will always answer your call, pick you up at the airport or carry your heavy bag. He will ask you how your day was and what you'd like for dinner. He worries about your well-being because he honestly cares about you and shows it to you in a million ways.

Two, they don't play games. My girlfriends have complained about the games men play countless times. Is he into me or someone else? Does he want a relationship or just sex? Why does he never text me back? You won't be bothered by these questions with a Chinese man. When I kissed my boyfriend for the first time after being friends for almost a year, he asked me straightaway if I wanted to be his girlfriend. I was speechless and confused at first. But for him, it was clear. He loved me, and he wanted to spend the rest of his life with me. Period.

Three, they stick around during hard times. During our four years together, we went through some pretty tough situations. A long-distance relationship and cultural differences were hard to bridge. A Western man would have given up or suggested giving the relationship a break. But my Chinese boyfriend stuck around, even when the problems seemed too big for both of us.

Four, they are generous. I am a feminist and like to pay for my own stuff. I hate to split the bill with my loved ones, but this is what you get with many Western men. They'll also forget your birthday at times, send you to go shopping with your girlfriends and are strictly against supporting the "capitalist" Valentine's Day. Chinese men love to go shopping with you and even suggest paying for your clothes haul. They'll also treat you to dinner and surprise you for your anniversary with a high-end present.

Five, they value family. Family issues are a common cause of fights and breakups among Western couples. Someone always doesn't want kids or hates family visits. Thankfully, being filial is a core value in China. Not only is he interested in a good relationship with both of our parents, but my Chinese boyfriend sees the two of us as a family unit as well. As annoying as the close-knit net of rights and obligations in a Chinese family can be, I know that I can count on them no matter what.

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Oh Lilian, you haven't known Chinese men long enough to come to your "conclusions". Start date them  ...


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And then I notice you are spiritually polluted:

The thumb rule is " There is no "FREE" Lunch or Dinner".:lol

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Western men are only interested in sex. The rest is just a game.

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is this a joke......either way it gave me a laugh:lol
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