ceciliazhang Post time 2017-12-11 10:08:56

10 Questions better not to ask your Chinese partner

(China Plus) There are some obvious things we all know we shouldn't say to the ones we love. However, some things may not seem so clear. Here are a few questions you should never ask your partner.

[*] Am I the best you have ever had?

[*]Do you think you could fall in love again if I died?

[*]Do you like my mother/ family/ friends?

[*]Are you done yet?

[*]What would you do if I cheated?

[*]Do you think we will make it?

[*]Can we afford that/ do you want me to pay for this?

[*]Are you really going to wear that?

[*]Have you gained weight?

[*]Why do you always do that?

Have you ever been asked these questions? Which do you think is the most annoying?

parcher Post time 2017-12-18 19:58:59

slow day i guess
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