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What is 義?

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In chinese we call that kind swordman as ‘義士' who is ready to help the poor or the weaker!  The lower part of 義 is 我 that contains 手(hand) and 戈(weapon).  The top two strokes should represent the long hair-braids since ancient men in China also kept  long hair as women. The middle component of 義 is 王 which shape symbols the main part of the body. -----------Oberved from this angle,this special character looks like a powerful hero-swordman who has knife in the hand.  

Now how to understand 义 that is the simplified form of 義?   We may think the cross-like thing is 人(man) plus a sword on the waist. Then what is the top dot? -----------This dot might represent the hero‘ beating heart!  ------------No matter where he go, the swordman always treat people with the warm heart!

義 is an important mortal concept in China.

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Some foreign friends may be puzzled with my explanation above who wonder why a nobleman must carry a sword with him! -----------We could think in this way, in ancient times human beings were not as powerful as the present. There were deep forest and wild animals those were potential danger for the swordman without knife!

For more I would like share the interesting story with you as the following:
On that international conference, President Xi  said: "I appreciate that Swiss-made military knife which has so many functions for you to deal with sorts of possible situations including for daily-life use and even in danger! I would like handle the political affairs in this way and I believe we could win  good results!”.

Our top leader is really 義 who does his best to do the poverty-releasing work all over China!
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