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Should bride prices be abolished?

It is a Chinese tradition that the groom or his family gives a betrothal gift to the parents of the bride before marriage. This tradition still exists, especially in rural areas. But the rising bride prices are making it unaffordable for young people to get married. Should the rising bride prices be curbed? Please share your thoughts with us.

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The problem is not the dowry but the poverty of rural villages. The way to solve their poverty is not by abolishing the dowry but by giving young females training and employment in the social welfare industries such as childcare, maternity-care, elderly-care, etc. right in their rural villages. After achieving their own economic potential, then the women would be empowered to chose their male partners based on their social desirability not their economic means.

It's fundamentally an ECONOMIC not a SOCIAL problem. My proof: look at all the career women who wear the pants in the coastal cities of China. That's what should happen in rural China. Then and only then would rural men learn how to treat rural women with more respect.

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of course the rules should be curbed seriously. that will  not only good for the groom but the bride as well. the rural tradition is outdated and not suitable for the modern society. because the high price will definitely press the newlywed badly which will finally lead to many problems later in their life. such as financial problems and the family pressure and so on...
well but i think it is hard to change this at a short time, after all, the tradition has its roots so deep in the develop of the rural area. maybe the new generation can gradually change this situation.
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