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Are more women marrying younger men?

According to a report by the Xinhua News Agency in November 2017, Li Chunling, a researcher from Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, did a survey on the subject, and the result showed that older woman marrying younger men has increased from 14.37 percent in 2000, to 40.13 percent in 2010. While the traditional combination of an older man and a younger woman has dropped to 43.13 percent from 68.09 percent during the same period. I don't think age matters in a serious relationship. If the man and woman are truly in love, the age factor should not be a hindrance. But what does the trend reflect?

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I think it is a better trend as people are getting more open and could finally focus on the quality of a relationship, and what really matters in a relationship, instead of sticking to the doctrine of how other people expect them to.

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I do not think that this development in China is purely change in personal preferences. These changes reflect bigger issues in the society's development.

First of all, women are more able to take care of themselves and make career, therefore many women no longer need to look for that in their husbands.

Secondly, gender imbalance in China is well known fact (although situation with unregistered daughters makes it a bit better in real world than official statistics have showed in past). When there are so many more men than women, the change toward older wifes with younger husbands is a natural consequence.

As a young man in marrying age, if your choices are limited, you may not think twice if there is an eligible and interesting but a bit older lady available.

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I do not think that this development in China is purely change in personal preferences. These change ...

I agree with you that it's not a change in personal preferences but a trend driven by socio-economic changes in China over the last 30 years or so. The rapid economic growth has made Chinese women more socially mobile and given them more social freedoms in terms of residency, education, dating, sexuality, marriage, children, family, career, business, etc. So this trend of older Chinese women mating with younger Chinese men reflects the increasing wealth, power and status of Chinese women. That's already true not only in coastal cities like Shanghai but also in inland cities like Chengdu.

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