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Atmel Mega2560 very useful for industry

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The open source Arduino is very powerful and useful for industrial control and simple to use.
The best by far is based on the Atmel2560 which can operate on its own as a single chip microcontroller.
Amtel was recently bought by Microchip. It still sells like hotcakes but I fear it could disappear from the market
due to its exceptional abilities and it's lack of being hacked. Unless, of course you decide to use the option to
hook it the the internet through an add-on board or PHY.
It is a simply microcontroller and that is all.
In my humble opinion China should buy it's patent rights (which should be fairly cheap) and own the
rights to manufacture it at will.
It's old technology but so is the plow and the sewing machine.
It simple gets the job done for the lion's share of manufacturing machines, no matter the precision needed.
It is also a fantastic learning tool for low level programmers, the ones that really matter.
If Microchip refuses to sell the design then reverse engineer it. It will be extremely useful.
Its design is timeless.

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