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The word 流 is more funny than you think!

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Today I notice that the Chinese character  流 is  so interesting that it is worth sharing with you through this writing. I wish you enjoy my explaining!

The left part of 流 is called “three-drop-water” in Chinese , but in fact it shapes like three 'streams' those would join together running into the same river.
----------About 江(river),which right part 工 is also funny which looks like the 'bank'(二) plus a 'bridge'(1) over the river!)

The right top part of 流 is a special shape of 云(clouds);

The right bottom part of 流 is a changed-form of 川 ------------the middle of 川 looks like the 'current' with the remaining part as the 'bank'. So 川 also means (river).

流,many 'streams'  run together into 川 with clouds over the  head which seems show  that it is still raining.   Now the 川 in the 流 looks like water-fall coming down from the mountain!  ------------What a beautiful landscape it is!   

Yes, the original meaning of 流 is ‘current’!
When you write 流, you imagine that you are drawing a picture:Three steams would meet together; then draw ‘clouds’(云) in this way(二 seems like the layers of clouds and the remaining lower part is its ‘foot’ with which the clouds can move freely! ); at last draw something as water fall!  

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I am looking forward to the photo of your handwriting of 流 which if you would like show us in Forum. That would be great encouragement for my future work here!  

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To dear editors:
It is Ok!  I am waiting for your approval!
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