ceciliazhang Post time 2017-10-3 14:15:22

Is this what love feels like?

A man in southwestern China is being praised by netizens for wearing his girlfriend’s heels to make her feel better.
The man’s touching act was photographed on the fifth floor of Xinqiao Hospital in Shapingba District, Chongqing.
The photos, taken by a woman surnamed Xie, has since gone viral on social media, with thousands praising the man for his gesture.
“The high heels were pink, so the sight was too compelling,” Xie told Chongqing Morning News, adding that the man lovingly touched his partner several times in the head.
According to Xie, the couple had already swapped footwear when they arrived at the hospital, adding that the woman seemed to be in discomfort. What do you think about the man’s gesture?http://cms.iyuba.com/cms/news/image/58188.jpg

parcher Post time 2017-10-6 18:39:58

How do we know he does not wear them in the house as well?:lol

SEARU Post time 2017-10-6 19:38:22

It is their business. Adults feel normal; Youth sense that it is an example;Little kids take it as funny play!

Enough for entertainment!

Dracarys Post time 2017-10-7 13:37:16

a little funny but sweet ...

Yin_99 Post time 2017-10-8 08:58:22

1626548377 Post time 2017-10-8 10:03:40

Is this what love feels like?

I can't see myself love a man with pink high heel shoes ;P
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