emanreus Post time 2017-10-9 21:52:30

seneca Post time: 2017-10-9 20:04 static/image/common/back.gif
Lucky unborn kids. Neither you nor your soon-to-be ex will have the money to support the other s ...

re:  Are your parents willing to take you in?

Yes, my father arranged for a large enough niche in a Columbarium to hold our cremated remains.
  Why are you asking such a personal question?:o

Apparently the cops in Vegas still scratching their heads about the reason behind the horror killing.
The other day it was said that the shooter is going thru a nasty divorce.  
It's a sad fact that in America, more than 60% of marriages end in divorce. Even more sad is that roughly 75% of divorces are initiated by the woman over the man's objections...
Better chances at surviving Russian roulette...

Saul Post time 2017-10-12 22:57:48

emanreus Post time: 2017-10-4 23:26 static/image/common/back.gif
Safety and fun all in one shooting range for kids in Las Vegas. ... Bring your children (10-17 ye ...

Edmonton gun ranges..that's Canada{:1_1:}

And yes, you can shoot at an early age with adult supervision.{:1_1:}

Saul Post time 2017-10-12 22:59:18

DMZappa Post time: 2017-10-6 09:59 static/image/common/back.gif
Actually, it was paper towels, not toilet paper.

Some Americans @sses are so big the paper towel will do:lol

Saul Post time 2017-10-12 22:59:46

JFenix Post time: 2017-10-6 14:12 static/image/common/back.gif
Let them eat paper towels.


JoanChang Post time 2017-10-13 10:15:56

  America is a country flooded with guns and more guns.

seneca Post time 2017-10-13 10:32:23

Saul Post time 2017-10-13 19:37:30

seneca Post time: 2017-10-12 21:32 static/image/common/back.gif
It's also flooded with illegal immigrants, isn't it?

Pew estimated the total population to be 11.1 million in 2014, or approximately 3 percent of the U.S. population. This "is in the same ballpark" as figures from the United States Department of Homeland Security (DHS), which estimated that 11.4 million illegal immigrants lived in the United States in January 2012.

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