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Can you trust online dating sites?

Dating websites are in the spotlight as Su Xiangmao, 37-year-old tech entrepreneur and multimillionaire committed suicide on Tuesday after he was scammed by his former wife, who he met from jiayuan.com, a well-known dating website in China.
In his suicide note, he claimed he and his wife were VIP members of a dating website with verified personal profiles made by website, according to early report. But he later found that information about his wife didn't check out and she scammed him for over 10 million yuan in months. Her marital status on the registration shows she is not married, but actually she has a short term of marriage just after graduation.

Should online dating sites be responsible for users who post fake online profiles? How much do you trust online dating sites?

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Yes/No. Tread very carefully and don't be in a rush. Become friends first.  Remember, the picture of him/her is the best they will ever look.

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