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What is 磕?

Just now through the WE-CHAT  one friend messaged me a short TV-program called ‘死磕到底’------- which means ‘ Debate bitterly to the end! ’.  The host‘s hot words left me deep impression that led me think more about the character 磕(ke)----------which first part is 石(shi)that means ‘stone’;  去 can be understood as ‘to’;  皿(min)is some container like ‘plate’ or 'cup' and so on.  The whole of 磕 shows that ‘To throw one stone to some plate!’ ----- Yes, you want to 'hit’ it and it might be broken! --------So the original meaning of 磕 is ‘to hit something with another hard thing’ in Chinese.:Q:lol

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In the north-east of China there is such a local dialect 唠嗑 which means ‘have a chat’. I think this phrase comes from English!  唠嗑(Lao-ke)sounds like the later part of ‘dia-logue’. --------'Dia' is two-side-thing and ‘logue’ should mean ‘talk’!

In Chinese, 死磕 means ‘To fight against the opposite side till I win! Or I will never quit!’ Of course such fighting may include weapon-battle and oral-quarreling!

But in the CD forum, 死磕 should be changed into 死嗑. I use 口 (mouth)to replace the stone(石 )of 磕. It is enough for blogger friends to make full use of tongue to make a living in  hot debating field!;P:lol:victory:

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Understand and find out what are the connections among the  original languages is so fantastic.

In a closer comparison, did you find, that all the spoken languages have some common similarities, say pronunciation, meaning and of cause with different script.

The word (phrase)"Laoke'er"" is to say : Chatting randomly, friendly within the same–aged and like–minded acquintance or thte special trustworthy guests?

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