senoritazhao Post time 2017-9-2 13:43:37

Why ICO (initial coin offering) are so hot?

Do the investors get their money back when an ICO (initial coin offering) fails?,379720534&fm=173&s=F7541EC6DAB34D969D0A733B0300805B&w=640&h=360&img.JPEG

senoritazhao Post time 2017-9-2 13:44:07

Depends on the terms and conditions. A lot of reputable ICO’s have minimums that they wish to raise otherwise they state in there terms they will refund participants but I've been scammed before (Ziber). Most good ICO’s are going to reach minimums. If you do your research, join the slack channel, look on you tube, read Reddit, you should have a good idea on the crypto community consensus. Steemit can be a good place to look as well.

Mishao Post time 2017-9-5 18:18:26

All investments have risk levels, some obvious and others well-hidden.

bushier Post time 2017-9-10 09:25:42

Ponzi feed on fear and greed.  There are a lot of fear now and naturally most humans are greedy.

FEAR OF LOSING ASSET VALUE - due to more US dollar printing by the FED
FEAR OF US DOLLAR COLLAPSING - not possible, highly unlikely
FEAR STOCK MARKET MAJOR CORRECTION - it is long overdue, smart money pulling out
FEAR OF CHINA ECONOMIC SLOWDOWN - probably due to US trade sanctions
FEAR OF ANOTHER JFK STYLE BY CIA  IN WASHINGTON - almost all Washington hate Trump

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