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Do trust your friend too much?

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What is friend?   Friend=free+end ???   Which means both besides feel ‘free’ in the 'end' who are not enemies any longer!  Maybe this is the reason why people shake hands through which they tell the counterpart there is no weapon in the hand so they can get relaxed!

Then what is friendship?   Two friends are on the same ship or boat where they can shoulder to shoulder  struggle  against the huge waves in sea?  In Chinese friendship=友谊  ------------友=friend;谊 shows that 'words must be fit!”  -------the fist part of 谊  is the simplified form of 言(words)and 宜 means ‘fit’.   So the phrase 友谊 reveals that friendship need your careful words! --------You must use adaptable language to communication with friends!

In this way, we should not trust friends too much even to your mate!  

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If you rely heavily on your friend, sooner or later you would be hurt on feeling when he or she does something wrong that beyond you expectation!  No body is always as perfect as the bright Moon in sky!  

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I work in the town where I have twenty homes of relatives and hundreds of colleagues or comrades coming from the same village who often phone me when they need my help. I seldom ask them for help since I always try to do things by myself!  Do you believe?

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My son has bought flat in that remote city where he has only two homes of relatives! Sometime
I feel sorry and lonely for him. Certainly he has benifit a lot from the relatives since they have large circle of friends who can help him!

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How many loyal friends do you have? In  China we think that we would like sacrifice property even life for relatives or friends when they are in trouble or hard conditions. There is one famous saying that goes like this:人有一个知己足矣! --------------You should be satisfied if you have one loyal friend who knows the inner side of your mind!

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Which of your friends is worth your trust?  Here let me tell you a real story:
About 70 years ago, father‘s classmate came in for a visit. Dad entertained him with good meal and they had a good chat till late night. It was strange that the guest hurried home as soon as he got up without breakfast.  Later, father noticed that his pocket-money had been stolen by the ‘friend’ !  It was 20 Yuan RMB that had been posted by grandfather from that remote city. It was not a samll number that meant a lot for the whole family's living in the old days.  Father's feeling was deeply hurt by that bad man. Dad shut himself in a small room for three days and refused to eat anything. At last, mother asked neighbors to break the door and reader friends can imagine what was on the floor!

In real life, many friends have become enemies before banknotes!
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