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Let's analyze 解

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The Chinese character解(jie) has three parts: 角(jiao)is horn, 刀(dao) means knife and 牛(niu) represents cattle.  ---------To cut off the horn from the cow with knife.  The original meaning of 解 is ‘dismantle’. ---------Maybe you can first peel off its sharp weapon (horn)  and then put the animal into pieces! :@

If you are interested in my topic, would you imagine why 角 is horn, 刀 symbols knife and 牛 shapes like cattle!:P

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I remembered that I first learned 解 in Grade Two in primary school and I swallowed the 'fruit’
as a whole without detailed analysis. :o
In junior middle school, that maths teacher asked us to first write down one ‘解’ when we began to solve each  maths problem on paper. --------Here, 解 means 'deal with' or ‘solve’.  But on the blackboard, the female teacher would only wrote the left part of the complicated character to save time!:lol

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To my surprise and enjoyment, this thread has been viewed by 35 reader-friends within twenty minutes!  Writing is 解闷 from my heavy routine job! ----------   闷 is heart(心)locked in the door(门)which means ‘in low mood’!   ---------'解闷' tells you that I have become delighted from trouble!:P:victory:

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You may also think one Chinese character is a wonderful painting that can represent one-thousand words. So many fellow Chinese are proud of our culture and we think that Chinese language is advanced one in world. But one Chinese word or sentence may have multiple meanings that is quite different from English. Sometime we troubled with the problem. ---------If I speak out my mind, I think too much of our textbooks need improvement for this reason!

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Maybe you have known that 解 may also mean ‘analyze’.  So the title is ----------Let's 解 '解‘

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Dare you challenge the strong cattle and get rid of its sharp horn?
This reminds me the Chinese idiom 虎口拔牙---------To pull out one tooth from the tiger’s mouth!  That job needs your bravery, wisdom as well as technics!

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