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What is "research" in Chinese?

"Re_search" means "To look for or run after something with your whole heart.".
In Chinese, "研究" has such meaning.  Why?
The first part of 研 is "stone" and the remaining one 开 is "breaking". So 研 shows that "To break the rock (then find out what is in its  inside!)";
The top part of 究 is 穴 which means "cave"; its bottom 九 is "nine". Does 究 means "nine caves"? Maybe!  Since you must dig many holes under the ground or in the mountain to get some possible treasure there!

But in Chinese 九 might means "most"!   上九天揽月__"Fly up into the sky to pick up the Moon!" So 究 should means "To dig the cave deeper and deeper till you get what you expected"!

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It is so strange we local Chinese have shollow understanding to many of our chracters! Knowing their surface meaning is enough to commucate with others in daily life!
Once a time, I saw a five_year_old boy  playing with a computer who seemed reading something!
"What are you doing?" I asked.
But his answer surprised me and I could not help laughing:"I am doing research!"(我研究研究!)

SEARU Post time 2017-6-4 09:08:12

As you see, it is difficult to get the true meaning of Chinese words! This is the reason why our education goes in low efficiency! We must write new texbooks in definite language with little trouble to the pupils!

kevinruud Post time 2017-6-4 22:10:39

Chinese words are very nice to preserve the culture.
In ancient China due to the geographical and traffic problem, different places have different spoken language, but when people go to the capital city for royal examination,they all use the same written language.And it is not until the rule of communists that Chinese words change forms and people find it hard to understand what their forefather tell them in books.
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