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Getting married right after college?

A group wedding was held as 15 young couples from a single university class of 43 students tied the knots in Chongqing, southwest China, on Sunday. Chinese netizens on Weibo were divided over the event. Some sent their best wishes to the couples while some others questioned whether they were taking marriage seriously. I've known quite a few people who married straight out of graduation. Most didn't work out and got divorced. I wouldn't recommend getting married right after graduation. People change so much after graduation that it's hard to predict whether the couple will be compatible in the long run. I'm for focusing on career first and getting married later. What do you think? http://cms.iyuba.com/cms/news/image/55573.jpg

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that might be the biggest mistake in their life

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It is a very unfortunate thing... very often, young women that having just graduated, get married. Often that is because of the immense pressure the family - grand parents usually - put upon these poor girls. I have had numerous discussions with young women, about to graduate from college and many complained to me that they were already being pressured to marry and produce a child. That is really too bad, because many of these young women were brilliant students and ready to serve their country. No wonder China is still so backward in many ways, they just do not give the young women as much credit as they deserve!
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