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Wedding photo without a groom

For a woman who was diagnosed with terminal cancer, marriage has become nothing but a dream far beyond reach. But a woman from Taiwan has inspired people from across the globe by having the courage to pursue her dream of having a wedding photo shoot, despite not having a groom to share it with. Sad but also inspirational.

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In 2015, Chen Bo-yu found out that she had terminal breast cancer shortly after she had been declared cancer-free after spending two years fighting off stage two breast cancer.

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She said she cried hard- for one day only. Then she decided to take what life she had left and spend it fulfilling her deepest desires and wishes.

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So last Spring, she decided to hold this photo shoot, saying she could no longer wait any longer.

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The story has since been revived in 2016, with many news outlets around the world praising her for her courage.

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Chen's incredible story has been picked up by more and more media outlets. Her solo wedding photos have been featured on the pages of magazines like Cosmopolitan and Brides, and, last week, she was the focus of a video published by the BBC.

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Chen says that by sharing her story she hopes to raise awareness of breast cancer, along with encouraging others to pursue their dreams as well.
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