voislevent Post time 2017-4-18 10:57:07

Marry a foreign guy and leave your parents high and dry--Is it right?

Guangzhou Daily recently reported the plight of a couple whose only daughter insists on marrying a foreigner and staying abroad. With the option of moving in with their daughter unpractical, the couple dread a grim twilight and regret the day they decided to sell their house to send the daughter abroad. What's your opinion on this issue?

parcher Post time 2017-4-19 10:36:59

sounds like she is just another spoilt brat..

foreignchinese Post time 2017-4-19 12:34:48

No worry. Check in to the nearest old folks home.

Jaaja Post time 2017-4-19 12:49:30

How is that different from NOT marrying a foreigner and still staying abroad?

Perhaps the difference is that the two can probably make more money overall, than a single Chinese girl could (abroad or home), and there would be more to share with her family.

They have not thought it through.

VancouverCanuck Post time 2017-4-19 23:47:44

Selfish, self-centered parents.

1105852048 Post time 2017-4-20 06:46:22

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Selfish, self-centered parents.

that's the old ways... still.

1105852048 Post time 2017-4-20 06:48:01

teatree16 Post time: 2017-4-20 00:06 static/image/common/back.gif
Relationship between Chinese parents & their children are so complicated.  Is that the same case in  ...

Not at all. In Europe, as in many other countries, the children grow up and move out to have their on lives. The parents just have to come to grips with that and plan ahead for their old age.
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