senoritazhao Post time 2017-4-17 14:52:21

Do you check your partner's (girlfriend/boyfriend) cell phone?

On one hand, it's a huge invasion of privacy, and something we should never do.On the other hand, it's really not too complex of a concept.  If your boyfriend or girlfriend isn't doing anything shady on his or her phone, there's zero prerogative to try and keep things from you. If your significant other is prone to hiding his or her phone, or the contents of said phone from you, it's probably because he or she does have something to hide.

DMZappa Post time 2017-4-17 23:17:12

No need, I trust her and have no reason to.

dusty1 Post time 2017-4-18 04:58:37


1105852048 Post time 2017-4-18 06:36:05

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I never do this; it is a sign of distrust.

Ratfink Post time 2017-4-18 17:52:16

I never hide mine nor does she.  Only insecure and paranoid people hide the contents of their phone from their spouse or boyfriend, girlfriend or whatever.

zjjhpj Post time 2017-4-18 21:43:19

No necessary..........

1584austin Post time 2017-4-18 23:49:57

No she never puts it down.


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