dusty1 Post time 2017-4-17 05:23:13

frank123 Post time: 2017-4-14 11:30 static/image/common/back.gif
globalization makes it easier to accept for chinese people, and I believe that will help to introduc ...

Why would we want that when we have a superior system in the West

dusty1 Post time 2017-4-17 05:23:57

GhostBuster Post time: 2017-4-15 08:36 static/image/common/back.gif
Nice couple!
Let more like them happen!
Good for China and US!

Good for them not China and not America just them

GhostBuster Post time 2017-4-17 10:08:20

linda_sun Post time: 2017-4-12 11:21 static/image/common/back.gif
Julie was attracted by Liu Shiliang's kindness and warm-heartedness. Liu helped Julie post off her t ...

Most of my neighbours are from North America. They are wvies of most Chinese from China.
Very well educated and cultured people!
Nice to have them!

GhostBuster Post time 2017-4-17 10:17:25

dusty1 Post time: 2017-4-17 05:23 static/image/common/back.gif
Good for them not China and not America just them

seneca needs help! He said that he worked as doorman at Shangri-La and R Hilton.
He must have deteriorated to misery and pain filled with sorrows!
All because he want to tour Europe twice annually to do ground research!

SharkMinnow Post time 2017-4-18 17:15:08

Congratulations to all these happy couples! Chinese in-laws can be very difficult at times, lots of luck to the wives!
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