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Why not..
as the article says Chinese men don't need to be wealthy to marry foreign women. I think m ...


parcher Post time 2017-4-13 20:40:38

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I think many are to scared to approach western woman

dusty1 Post time 2017-4-14 03:20:13

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I think many are to scared to approach western woman

Some Western women are real nasty pieces of workhouse wonder why, some are wonderful as you and I know interracial marriages work very well if both sides are prepared to work and talk

frank123 Post time 2017-4-14 11:30:53

globalization makes it easier to accept for chinese people, and I believe that will help to introduce chinese culture to the world.{:1_1:}

pnp Post time 2017-4-14 11:53:07

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That's not always true though when taking a white man home to meet the parents..

My generalisation is true, everyone knows that; there are some exceptions though, but generally true!

pnp Post time 2017-4-14 12:00:42

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It's more relevant to ask how long such marriages last; it looks nice but below the surface are many probkems. Even marriages between locals dont last long, as statistics show, China's divorce rate is extremely high! And thats among people with similar culture and traditions!  Once the novelty wears off, the problems set in!  Chinese in-laws are the hardest to get along with, they are so demanding, even want to raise grandchildren their own way! Good luck to those foreign spouses, they have to put up with demands on them which they have never experienced back home!

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Julie was attracted by Liu Shiliang's kindness and warm-heartedness. Liu helped Julie post off her t ...

Nice couple!
Let more like them happen!
Good for China and US!
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