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Always ask first or just simply refrainfrom posting about your relationship in general. We get that you want the worldto know how amazing your significant other is, and that’s perfectly fine, butwhen you start posting too much and filling up your newsfeed with nonsense,don’t be surprised if you start to lose a few followers.
1. YOUR FOUR MONTH/ EIGHT MONTH/ 221-DAYANNIVERSARY“Posting these ‘milestones’ to the cyber world makes it look likeyou’re trying to prove to others how strong or long lasting your relationshipis, rather than just enjoying it,” writer, editor and gender studies majorRochelle Scarlett, says. “One year, two years, ten years- sure, go wild! Butwhy would Barbra from year 11 Biology care that it’s 96 days since your firstkiss? Or your cousin’s new wife care about your four months together? Prove toyour partner how strong you are, not them.”

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2. EXPENSIVE PRESENTS AND GIFTS“Posting things like this shouts to your followers ‘look howworthwhile I am, my partner thinks I’m worth this amount of money, I’mspecial’. And trust me, that kind of showing off does not come well received,”Scarlett says. “You wouldn’t flaunt your bank statement online, would you? Thiskind of behavior often stems from insecurity in the relationship, but thatreassurance needs to be found from your partner, not your friends online.”

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3. THEFIGHT YOU’VE JUST HADThe reality is that most fights we havewith our partner we get over. “Of course, when it’s happening it seems like theworst thing in the world, but DO NOT post this online,” Scarlett says. “Notonly are you letting every single person you’ve ever connected with know theintimate details of your relationship, you are causing them to unconsciouslyform a negative image of your partner in their minds, even if they haven’t metthem.” For the sake of your relationship and partner’s privacy, do not do this,she adds.

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4. FRUSTRATION TOWARDS YOUR PARTNER“Individuals in relationships need somewhere tovent, to take the lid off the pressure cooker, especially after a big fight.Choosing social media as your outlet, opens up you and your relationship topublic opinion and judgement,” Opert says. “It also can create a dynamic ofpeople (family and mutual friends) taking sides that, even once the argument isresolved between you two, can carry over into your interactions with thesepeople.”

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5. REVEALINGPHOTOS OF YOUR PARTNER WITHOUT CONSENT“Without consent, it’s definitely a big no no, even if you 'think'it’s not that revealing, they should have the ultimate say on how much is toomuch,” Opert says. “Even with consent, I would urge couples to think about howwidely these images can be broadcasted on social media i.e. current prospective employers, sexual criminals, your dear 99-year-old Aunt Betty...she can't unsee that, ever.”

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6. SOCIAL MEDIA GRACE PERIOD: DON'T FLAUNT“If your relationship is new, avoid posting your couple-photos on socialmedia altogether,” says Dia Hicks, relationship expert and founder and CEO ofSwaggerScan. If you have to ask why, then you've probably never been in arelationship that was short lived. “So, unless you've got an axe to grind witha cheating ex who will see that you've moved on with his best friend (which Idon't recommend), flaunting a new relationship on your timeline will drawcritics if things don't work out between you two.” TIP: Before posting thatcouple-photo of you and your new mate graphically infused into a wine glass,give your new relationship at least 1 month, he adds.

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7. POSTSREGARDING AN UPCOMING TRIP OR VACATION“This kind of information posted on the internet can be valuableinformation to those with malicious intent,” Hicks says. “Burglars (or thatunstable ex's of yours) can easily see from your 'couple-post' that you andyour mate are leaving for your romantic getaway to Jamaica this upcomingweekend which renders this notion very dangerous.” TIP: You can post all ofyour blissful photos/videos of your exotic vacation together once you'vereturned home; it’s better to be safe than sorry, he adds.

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