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Should there be a mandatory "cooling-off period" before divorce?

According to a local court of Sichuan province, a young woman applied for divorce in February, following endless quarrels such as how to raise their child with her husband. After they had a fight, the woman left family for work elsewhere. Two years later, she returned her hometown and sought a divorce. The court did not, as they expected, grant them a divorce, but issued an notice of colling-off period for divorce, the first ever in Sichuan province. It allows for 3 months for them to reconcile and save their marriage, since many couples rush irrationally into decisions.  With China's divorce rate rising rapidly, do you think couples should be forced into a "cooling-off" period before divorcing?

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Interesting, 'cooling-off' period is used in real estate industry to describe extra time allowed bet ...

Given the soaring housing prices, they really need some cool down time. ;P

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All efforts is to help bring the couple together so that the family is complete and blessed with happiness and joy. People do quarrel over many things from time to time. Most important is to progress forward positively. A broken family may affect all loved ones!

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It could be a good idea in China.
Most young Chinese couples got married not based on love and mutual understanding, and the current generation went through almost no tria and errors, always take things for granted. Sometimes marriages happens only because they think each other matches based on income, or out of the expectation of parents.
Immuture relationships could be so fragile that a few quarrals would lead to irresponsible divorce.
A cooling-off period would give young couples one more chance to make a wiser decision.
Nevertheless, if the marriage is so rotten, they could still decide for a divorce after 3 month.
So this cooling-off period sounds like doing no harm but benefits couples.

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It could be a good idea in China.
Most young Chinese couples got married not based on love and mutua ...

Cooling period is needed especially for couples who have children together. But I don't think it should be compulsory. Every divorce is different and hence the law should be flexible as it has to adapt to each case and the parties' individual circumstances.

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It is too easier for couples to process their diorces as long as they have reached an agreement. Under the present law, couples receive divorce certificates immediately if they produce their marriage certificate, identity cards, property certificate and then sign a joint statement. It takes about an hour and the divorce fee is about 10 yuan. Many make hasty decisions over trivial issues and regret later. Possibly a cooling-off period allows them to reflect on their decision to divorce.
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