senoritazhao Post time 2017-3-19 12:32:41

In the viral picture, Arebuabo said he chose to take his little girls to the fast-food to celebrate Rose May’s upcoming graduation.

“Both children requested their most loved supper, while their dad simply fulfilled his craving by watching them enjoy the dinner,” ABS-CBN lets us know.ABS-CBN additionally composed that Arebuabo needs to “demonstrate to his estranged spouse and the world that he can keep being a decent father to his kids regardless of being practically weakened by stroke.”

senoritazhao Post time 2017-3-19 12:33:26

Our hats are off toward this wonderful single parent!

parcher Post time 2017-3-19 14:20:38

Chinese think they have it tough?

GhostBuster Post time 2017-3-19 14:23:33

Parental love is GREAT!
Not so long ago, a man finished his university and started to work. He took his dad around the city. They had simple meals. His dad told him that he was not his son. He laughed but his dad was serious. However, he told his dad, he will never left him because of raising him up. No further followup was reported.
Warmth is for real human beings to human beings. Some of the greatest love is never told.

GhostBuster Post time 2017-3-19 14:24:56

senoritazhao Post time: 2017-3-19 12:31 static/image/common/back.gif
Arebuabo earns about Php100 to Php200 (US$2 to $4) every day from his little sari-sari store truck ...

Believe he is the happiest father, than those who are billionaires but could not enjoy life!

HailChina! Post time 2017-3-19 16:42:45

parcher Post time 2017-3-19 19:46:41

The philipinno president has billions tucked away in foreign accounts according to recent reports. Whilst he is obsessed with taking out the criminals, he should take a look at this fathers plight. I wonder how many more families are living like this in manilla
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