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Poor single dad orders fried chicken for daughters but starve himself

If you are a parent, you’ve presumably experienced giving up some of your joys just to ensure that your youngsters are pleased and happy. You’d most likely spend on your children’s needs, for example, rather than purchasing new gadgets or clothes for yourself when the money are short.A poor single parent from the Philippines flawlessly showed this.As should be obvious on the shocking viral photograph beneath, this skinny man is sitting on Jollibee, a famous fast-food in Philippines, together with his two little girls who were enjoying a fried chicken meal.The catch? The father didn’t have enough cash to buy a meal for himself too, so he just sat there and watched them eat.Jhunnel Sarajan, a customer who was in the same place at that time, took a photo of them, which became viral after he posted it on his Facebook page.

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Sarajan later talked with this man and discovered that he endured a stroke and stands as a single parent to his two little girls.Sarajan wrote in his post:“I can’t contain my feelings when I saw them in Jollibee… This is a photo of a father’s love. A depiction of genuine selflessness.”Ryan Arebuabo, the man in the photograph, lives with his two little girls in a little, roughly assembled shack.

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News outlet ABS-CBN in the long run searched for the family to see how thy are doing. As they expected, the situation was very hard for Ryan Arebuabo, the father in the viral photograph, lives in Tondo, Manila “in a 4-square-meter shanty made of utilized plywood and corroded iron sheets.”

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Arebuabo, 38, had a stroke some years ago. He was left not able to work for quite a long time in the wake of being released from the hospital. Afterward, his better half left him and took Rose May and Rose Ann, their little girls, with her.

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Arebuabo gets up at 5 AM every day to set up the young ladies for school and after that makes a living to provide for their needs.

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Ria, Arebuabo’s more youthful sister, shared that regardless of all her sibling’s endeavors, he failed to win his better half back. He, however, managed to get the custody of his girls.Rose May, 6, is presently in kindergarten while Rose Ann, 8, is in Grade 2.As indicated by ABS-CBN:“Regardless of his condition, the committed father struggle on to bring sustenance on the table and to keep his kids’ in school. Both Rose May and Rose Ann are learning at Jose Corazon De Jesus Elementary School.”

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Arebuabo earns about Php100 to Php200 (US$2 to $4) every day from his little sari-sari store truck in addition to he gets a month to month money help of Php2,200 ($44) from the administration – sufficiently only to purchase sustenance and keep the children in school.

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