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Chinese weddings through the decades

Since China’s 1940s, the custom of wearing a white dress and making wedding photos had come into fashion (see image below).

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In the 1950s, getting married was not much of a fuss, as China’s political situation and social revolution were deeply influencing people’s lives. Getting a marriage certificate was enough to consider yourself married.

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The marriage certificate was not much more than a paper with an official seal on it.

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People did not buy special clothes or gifts for the occasion: a simple gathering with some friends, neighbors, or family was enough.

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The 1960s wedding were similar to those in the 1950s in that they were quite simple, and that they would be celebrated with “just a few sweets and a plate of peanuts” (Liu 2013, 27).

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There would be no flowers, no gown. Couples would get their wedding photo by holding the Little Red Book in their hands.
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