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American woman offers US citizenship at Shanghai Marriage Marke

(Shanghaiist) Over the weekend, an American woman in a wedding dress caused quite the stir at the Shanghai Marriage Market in People's Square, offering up US citizenship to the highest bidder.

It's not clear how serious the woman was about finding a deep-pocketed suitor. A photo of her surrounded by a sea of parents desperately searching for a suitable spouse for their son or daughter was posted onto Weibo on Saturday night where it was picked up by Timeout Shanghai.
In the middle of the crowd, the woman holds up a sign in English and Chinese, reading: "USA Citizenship through marriage to the highest bidder," while also flashing her American passport to apparently prove the veracity of her claims.

sunnylin01 Post time 2017-3-8 10:37:43

Saul Post time 2017-3-8 22:01:42

;P That's just wrong

parcher Post time 2017-3-11 11:57:08

She's taking the piss;P
good for her

GhostBuster Post time 2017-3-11 12:20:54

In full humiliation her own country, US! She went to the extent of public tender for her citizenship.
Must be the lady from hole in the wall!

GhostBuster Post time 2017-3-11 12:24:06

Must be for free publicity but doing more harm than good for US government!
No longer is it a symbol of status but rather an open market  commodity with command for price!

GhostBuster Post time 2017-3-11 12:25:19

parcher Post time: 2017-3-11 11:57 static/image/common/back.gif
She's taking the piss
good for her

Potential source for most US women of the same calibre!
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