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What is ‘行走'?

Xing-Zou (行走)means 'walking’.   Why?  

The left part of 行 is 'double standing men' which looks like two persons on the left of the road (path); The right part of 行 is 'two-丁' since 丁 means 'strong young man' and '二' is 'two'! ----------So the whole character shows you a picture of the traffic: Four men are walking in opposite direction on the road! -------- Of course, the number may be more or less depending on your imagination!

走 has ‘earth (土)' as its head the lower part is your two legs and two feet, and one of the feet is going to overtake the other!  ---------When many people walk together on the path in the field,tiny earth (dusts)on the ground will rise and air will become so dusty that you have to hold breath!

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远(far away), 近(near),  追(run after), ...... These characters have one common part:

In Chinese, many characters have 走 as their component that is the simple form of 走.  The dot on its top symbols 'dust’ that is 土(earth) and its lower part also is one leg plus the other leg and big foot as the bottom shows!

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