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Several interesting Chinese characters describing man!

Does the character 衣 look like a person?--------It's top is a dot that represents 'head’ and the horizon stroke is your 'shoulders', the remaining parts are two legs and two arms.   衣 seems like a man who is walking with two arms swinging forthward and backward!  衣(yi) means ‘clothing‘ or ‘clothes’!--------which shape tells that how excited you are when you wear beautiful clothes!

Later I would like introduce more funny Chinese words!

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Of course, the simple character 人(ren)means 'a man' or ‘one person’.  This word only emphasizes your legs and we can not see your arms!
农 (nong)means ‘farmer’!  It shows that a man working with strong legs and arms with a straw hat on the head who focuses all of his energy  on the labour job!

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In this early morning, I stroke this topic and I laughed at myself in front of the mirror when I tried to shape my own body into 衣 or 农 or 女

Yes, how to imitate the shape of 女?   女 means 'girl' or 'woman'.   Which symbols a dancer who is squatting with the two legs crossing and arms strentching out!

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Then how do you think about 真?  It also looks like a man with head, shoulders, bottom and two legs, but it emphasizes the main part of your body (chest and abdomen)! -----------Yes,真 means ‘real’.  In the art class, the students are drawing a picture of the model who has nothing on (写真)!

In this way, 自 should be understood as ‘head’ plus ‘the main part of the body’ which means ‘self’.

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I hope many Chinese characters would be taught in this way in primary school that would arise kids' interest in traditional culture and more important thing is that it help children to think in natural way!  Every word need your nice imagination and certainly that would be a good composition if you write down what in your mind!  So  why do you always force the poor students to swallow the characters as a whole Chinese date without tasty analysis?

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Of course, the simple character 人(ren)means 'a man' or ‘one person’.  This word only emphasizes ...

农 has a special part that is as same as what on the top of 军.  How to understand it?   In the character 农 I take it as ‘straw hat’;   军 (Jun) means ‘solder’ or ‘army’ and the lower part 车=車 is 'vihicle' with wheel in the middle.  军 shows that one soldier on board of the 'cart' with 'one helmet' on the head!

(In Chinese the top part of 宝 is 'lid’ with one dot as its handle for you to pick it up!)

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将 means ‘general’. Why? Its first part looks like an ancient weapon; 夕 seems as half of the Sun that is going to set down for sleep! 寸 is ‘man’.  What a person is he?   Who is as powerful as half of the star with a sharp weapon in the hand! ----------Yes, he was one of the senior leaders in the army in ancient china!

Then how about 卒?  It seems that I see two man are standing on top the gate of the town in ancient time with simple roof of the post over their head!--------They ordinary ‘soldiers’ compared with 将!
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