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All Bridesmaids Should Agree to Follow These 10 Little Etiquette Rules

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There's a lot more to being a bridesmaid than wearing a pretty dress and standing behind the bride. Nowadays, bridesmaids are expected to be there for every step of wedding plan, the bridal shower, bachelorette party, and more. Being a bridesmaid can end up being a lot of work, not to mention expense. Here, experts weigh in on the top tips for being a fabulous bridesmaid.

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1. Should you even say yes?Sometimes the best thing you can do is notaccept thebride's invitation to be a bridesmaid, says Thomas P. Farley, known as Mister Manners. "Just because your friend says yes to being a bridedoesn't mean you must say yes to being a bridesmaid," he says. Considerthis if you don't feel close to the bride or don't want the financialobligations. Of course, handle your turn down, with great delicacy, so shedoesn't get offended, Farley says.

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2. Pay for your own bridesmaid dress Unless the bride offers to pay, be prepared topay for your own dress. But Kellee Khalil, founder of Loverly, a virtualwedding planning site, shares that if your bride knows it's a struggle, shecan—and should—offer to help.

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3. Help plan the bridal shower
While Khalil says planning the entire bridal shower falls under the maid-of-honor's duties, you should be prepared to help and be an active participant. (Here are some tips for the maid-of-honor on a bride's big day.)

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4. Try to attend all bridal eventsAttending all bridal events is a must for abridesmaid, Khalil says, except, of course, if you live out of town or haveanother family obligation. "Never say you're too busy to participate inany pre-wedding event," shares Cristen Flaherty, event planner and founderof Cristen & Co. Event Coordination & Design. "Everyone is busyand that is a poor excuse and you will simply upset the bride for not being apart of all the festivities." And remember, throwing a bridal showerdoesn't have to be a huge expense.

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5. Be ready and on call the day of the wedding From helping a flower girl down the aisle tomaking sure the bride's train is bustled, a bridesmaid should be ready to helpout, no matter what, on the day of the wedding. "A bridesmaid should alsoact as a resource with information for any guests who may have questions aboutwedding logistics, bridal registries, directions to the ceremony or to thereception," Farley says.

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6. Do not complain to the bride. Ever. This may seem like a given, but if you are usedto sharing your every thought with the bride on a regular basis, you may forgetthat this is her big day and she doesn't want to hear your thoughts. Not aboutthe dress, not about the shoes, and not about the jewelry, no matter what. Hereare tips to stop complaining.
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