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Leftover women or leftover men?

China will have an estimated 30 million bachelors — called guanggun, or “bare branches" over the next three decades, says Zhai Zhenwu, People's Daily quoted Zhai Zhenwu, director of Renmin University's School of Sociology and Population in Beijing as saying. Which is China's real problem, single women or single men?
According to statistics from The Sixth National Population Census of the People’s Republic of China, the unmarried population in China from the age of 30 to 39 looks like this:Men: 11,960,000Women: 5,820,000Starting from 2013, there will be around 1.2 million bachelors every year. By the year 2020, China will have 30 million bachelors.

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“Leftover” Differences Between Men and Women
Leftover woman: High level education, high salary, “high age” (around 30 years old)Their standard for matchmaking: The man needs to be rich. (37% women regard salary as significant)
Metropolitan areas such as Beijing, Shanghai, and Guangzhou, have the most leftover women. Over 48% have a master’s degree or above. [*]36% have a monthly salary of over 15,000 yuan.
Leftover men: 49% of them have no car, no property, a low level of education, and a low salary.Their standard: Having beauty is good enough. (51% of males regard looks as significant)
Guangxi, Guangdong, and Jiangxi province have the most leftover men. Over 37% have a master’s degree or above. [*]Over 29% have a monthly salary of over 15,000 yuan, 30% have a monthly salary lower than 2,000, 16% have no income.

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Why did they become leftover?
1. Unbalanced birth sex-ratio:
Traditional ideals: In rural areas, when the first born is a girl, families can have another child.
In 2012, for every 100 girls that are born, 117 boys are born. In a small village in Gansu, the number of boys per 100 girls is 209.
2. Difficulty in bridging the distance between leftover men and women:
The likelihood for a “diaosi” or leftover man to wed a higher-class leftover woman is 0%.
On the social strata, leftover men are on the bottom, often in poverty. Leftover women over 30 who cannot find a husband are on the top. Usually in a marriage, the Chinese societal concept is that the man is one level superior to the woman, so those on the top and bottom therefore are “leftover”.
3. Age difference:
Often men over 30 years old seek younger women, the most common match is Mature Man & Young Woman. Thus, older women and younger men are leftover.

sunnylin01 Post time 2017-2-13 09:53:53 potential “killers” that endanger the lives of leftover men and women:1. Illnesses:Leftover women are too proud: 46% have breast hyperplasia; 41% have cervicitis.Leftover women have low self-esteem: recurring psychological disorders.2. Pressure: 75% are troubled by negative emotions:
22.2%: loneliness 30%: anxiety 13.9%: lack of interest [*]8.9%: other
3. Sexual repression:
17.5%: Have a regular sex partner 31.4%: Masturbate 21.6%: Are chronically repressed [*]9.8% have one-night stands, 7.8% opt for prostitution, 3.9% use sex products
4. Lifestyle:
Stay up late, insomnia, lack of sleep Excessive smoking and drinking [*]Binge eating and drinking at night (which lead to intestinal diseases, fatty liver disease, and obesity)
5. Threats for the next generation:30% miss the best age to give birth. Children of women who give birth after the age of 35 are 20 times more likely to have a mental disabilities or birth defects.Economist Lena Edlund estimates that every 1% increase in the sex ratio leads to 6% increase in violence and property related crimes.

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I'm the one of the so called Leftover men :(:Q:Q:Q

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I would take this further than relationship status, and just state that there are leftover persons everywhere in the world, not just in China.

What makes China's situation unique (in addition to the obvious big population dilemma) is the general state of social development lagging behind fast growth - in some other countries, being bachelor is not so closely linked to missing out on something (often the opposite). Chinese culture is still quite family oriented, and there are expectations from that background, rather than from what people in today's world really need.

What people really need, are jobs to make living and caretakers for those without, not necessarily spouses.

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In the past, it was not disclosed to the public. Now, time changes and life is different. Economic independence of both sexes may have caused it.
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