bingbingbing Post time 2017-1-12 11:51:35

How to choose? The one who loves you or the one you love?

Love is complicated. Sometimes, the one who loves you, you don't love him or her; and the one you love who doesn't love you, so, how to choose? If you choose someone loves you but you don't love him or her, you will not feel happy with this relationship. If you choose the other one, you will be tired of to keep the same speed of  him or her.
So, It is so lucky if someone finds resonance with somebody, but unfortunately, maybe we can't be the lucky ones.

I don't have boyfriend yet, I don't know how to choose. How about you? What do you say?

bingbingbing Post time 2017-1-12 12:54:59

teatree16 Post time: 2017-1-12 12:41 static/image/common/back.gif
As long as you are genuinly happy & contented, then its worthwhile^^

Yes! But it's hard:'(

bingbingbing Post time 2017-1-12 13:09:49

teatree16 Post time: 2017-1-12 12:59 static/image/common/back.gif
Not that hard, listen to your heart, easy?

People always have many concerns, but I think love is so rosy, is the word 'rosy' correct?

Ailment Post time 2017-1-12 14:38:31

I will choose the one that loves me. Because I feel happy with this kind of people.

Sallywrj Post time 2017-1-12 21:23:16

Why not both?:P

Fllyingfish Post time 2017-1-12 21:36:29


bingbingbing Post time 2017-1-12 21:54:42

Sallywrj Post time: 2017-1-12 21:23 static/image/common/back.gif
Why not both?

hahaha, yeah
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