Sallywrj Post time 2017-1-11 20:51:56

Will you choose to marry a foreigner?

I have watched a show today and found out that two peple from different country may have different culture backgrounds and will act very differently. Many of my friends think that they cannot stand the differences but I think that kind of life is intresting. What do you think?

Ailment Post time 2017-1-11 20:53:04

I will not. Because lifestyles are different.

bingbingbing Post time 2017-1-11 20:53:16

Love is magic, love can change anything, have a try.

Fllyingfish Post time 2017-1-11 20:55:22

Maybe. we are all humans, why not?

Maxwell996 Post time 2017-1-11 21:18:43

oh,according to science ,it will  benefit our traditional gene .

wrj666 Post time 2017-1-11 23:34:02

I think it works.

Ratfink Post time 2017-1-15 17:45:19

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I am going to marry a Laowai!  She's from China.  

We don't have much of an issue with different cultures as we have been together for years and we've worked out the cultural differences and have found a happy medium.
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