Phoebe_Lee Post time 2017-1-6 11:30:55

The college students are over 18 years old. They have the basic right to choose their life styles. Chinese parents and social attitude are very ridiculous sometimes. You should not fall in love in your primary school, middle school, even in college. But after graduation from college, " why don't you get married .....? " Actually, many young guys do not know how to deal with a relationship and how to keep a marriage. We are free. We are protected to do anything legal. After all, the cohabitation is not illegal in law for a single person. The unversity is not the law.

Phoebe_Lee Post time 2017-1-6 11:32:30

How to protect yourself from disease and lead a happy sex life is what we need to know, not the restrictions.

1105852048 Post time 2017-1-7 03:06:01

Yes, the students should be allowed to make their own choices; certainly once they are past their freshmen year.

1105852048 Post time 2017-1-7 03:12:56

However, most of these kids have no idea about most normal things and even sex since they never had any sex education and most of them grew up in a rather sheltered or restrictive environment

dusty1 Post time 2017-1-7 06:41:53

DMZappa Post time: 2017-1-5 23:22 static/image/common/back.gif
I will be in Kaili City in 10 days from now. Will check it out.

Your post will be interesting to read

dusty1 Post time 2017-1-7 06:43:03

TedM Post time: 2017-1-6 04:35 static/image/common/back.gif
Another example of banning everything with little real forethought. University students may be older ...

This is normal with positions of authority in China

dusty1 Post time 2017-1-7 06:45:00

Phoebe_Lee Post time: 2017-1-6 11:30 static/image/common/back.gif
The college students are over 18 years old. They have the basic right to choose their life styles. C ...

You would think that in a perfect world but this is modern Chinese culture control over the individual
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