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Should college restrict cohabitation?

A Southwest China university issues a bans on unwed couples living together and renting off-campus apartments, which has sparked outcry among students and social media users. rules, included in the "Ten Bans" at Kaili University in Guizhou Province, threaten expulsion for infractions such as gambling and cheating on exams.
However, there has been backlash among many students against the rules that they say limit their freedom of choice to live wherever and with whomever they want.
A minority of students found merit in the rules. "It would be better if we put more time into studying instead of dating," another student said.
Isn't cohabitation a personal choice? Should colllege ban it? Or instead of restrictions, universities should give more concrete instructions on how to lead a healthy sex life.

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I will be in Kaili City in 10 days from now. Will check it out.

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Another example of banning everything with little real forethought. University students may be older "mature" students. Even if not, such students should be old enough to make life decisions like this without legal interferance. Guidance, help, education .... sensible.  Access to contraception a good idea too. Oh... don't bother doing all this real work.... Ban it all... it's easier.
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