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What is hidden inside the character 藏?

The Chinese character 藏(cang)is so complicated that it is difficult to learn!

藏 means “hide” or ‘hiding‘.  Why?   It's top part comes from 草(cao ) that looks like two weeds growing on the ground(一)and the remaining two strokes seem as two singles of weeds; The center of 藏 is 臣 which means 'minister‘ or ‘a high official’ in the court. What beside the VIP is ancient metal weapon 戈(ge)and 片.  

The whole word tells you that one general is hiding in a pile of stalks with weapons in both of his hands who is ready for fighting!

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It is said that hundreds pieces of metal were sewed together for one suit of armour! The officer 臣 is badly hurt in the battle and only one piece of his armour 片 is remaining on his right viewed from his back.
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