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What is it like for an educated woman to marry a farmer?

The chances are quite slim that Chinese women who graduate from college get married to a farmer. This question is not implying that farmers are unintelligent. But it is traditionally believed that a couple who holds similar degrees and shares the similar background will live a happy life together. What is the most important in a happy marriage?

The tale of how an American woman named Tiffany and a Chinese man named Cai Xiaohua met, fell in love, and got hitched, despite differences in background, class and language has recently gone viral on the Chinese internet.

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A reporter from Tianzhong Evening News recently visited the couple at their home in Zhengzhou, the capital of Henan province, and asked them how they managed to find each other starting from different sides of the globe.

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Nine years ago, Tiffany was a recent university graduate from New Jersey who was working as an English teacher at an international school in Guangzhou. Meanwhile, Cai Xiaohua was a friendly security guard at the school who was always ready with a warm smile.
"After graduating from college in America, I came to China alone. When I saw someone smile at me, I thought he must be really friendly," Tiffany said.

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Cai grew up dirt poor in rural Henan province. When he was only 10 years old, his mother abandoned the family, leaving Cai's father to handle all the work on the family farm. To help his father with the crops, Cai dropped out of school after graduating from middle school. After working a variety odd jobs, he ended up in Guangzhou where he met Tiffany.
Tiffany learned about Cai's life through short conversations when she would see him around school. While Cai didn't know any English, she knew some Chinese, so the two were able to communicate.
Soon, the two fell in love and decided to get hitched.
They got married in Cai's home village in central Henan. Cai's father was relieved. He wasn't sure if his son would ever find someone to marry. "Since he was a little boy, my son has been kind and thoughtful. Good people always get rewarded in life," he said.

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After their wedding, the two decided to quit their jobs in Guangzhou and move to Zhengzhou to be closer to Cai's family. Tiffany got a job as an English teacher at a local university, while Cai went home frequently to help out with the family farm.
The couple confessed that because of the language gap, there are still times when they can't understand each other and must resort to charades to get their point across. They say that they still learn from each other every day.
The lovebirds have also flown back to the United States to see Tiffany's family. Her mom and dad both said that they supported their daughter's decision to follow her heart, and also admit an interest in Chinese culture.

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Now, Cai, 44, and Tiffany, 35, have a six-year-old daughter. Chinese social media can't get over how cute she is.

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