markwu Post time 2016-12-16 09:16:44

Whether engagement or wedding, rings are useful to signify whether the person has already been booked or taken (je suis désolé, Mr Neeson).

Unfortunately there is a complication these days. Rings are now everywhere on the face. Even elsewhere.

Maybe to signify true love forever and ever, a tattoo would be cheaper.  But that too may be counterproductive. Ever since Popeye etched Ole on his bicep, tattoos are the in-thing as well these days.

How about a simple pink string tied to inseparably join the two ankles so that straying would be physically impossible?

If that fails, one can always go see whether that ring has really melted in Lord of the Rings, it which had kept the Eye intact.

Reading readily with only one eye too often, i need that Eye.

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