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Does the price of ring really matter?

When Ariel McRae and husband-to-be Quinn, both 22, from Tennessee, went shopping for wedding rings, they didn’t give a thought to what people would think about the price.  When a shop assistant saw what the couple were buying, it prompted her to make some unusual comments. Ariel said: "The woman came over and said to me in front of my fiance: ’Can you believe that some men get these as engagement rings? How pathetic. My boyfriend has already saved up $30,000 for my rings and he has just started’.
"I was speechless. My fiance’s face fell, and he was already worried about not being able to afford nice rings." In response to the shop assistant’s remarks, Ariel said: "It’s not the size of the ring but the love that matters.” Does the size of the ring show how much he loves you or how happy your marriage will be?

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I didn't even get a ring for me married:(

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Ring price often has no bearing on the quality of the stones being used.  A typical engagement or wedding ring has a markup of 300 to 400% over the production cost.  Then there's the cost of the "rocks" or gemstones which can vary tremendously depending on if they are natural or artificially produced and if natural their country of origin.  For examplel Mok River Ruby from Myanmar (Burma) is no longer legally mined and the region produced the finest rubies known. Prices for a large Mok Ruby can be 3 to 6 times more expensive than investment grade diamonds.  The same applies with the best Colombian Emerald and the highest grades of Padparadscha saphires which are found in Sri Lanka, Vietnam and East Africa.

My advice is don't worry about price, pick a ring you like the look of that has jewels that you like, be they diamond or others and what you paid for it is irrelevant.

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