parcher Post time 2016-11-26 18:45:53

Britains most married man heading down the isle again

Ron shepherd is britains most married man, and is set to wed wife number 9 as soon as his divorce comes through. But Ron has made it clear this will be his last time he gets married as he greeted his fiancé christel lalec as she arrived from the philipines at heathrow airport. Ron 68 is 42 yrs older than christel, but is not worried about the age gap!!

People say I must be brave to do this says ron, but having 8 mother in laws is braver!!!
Love conquers all, and age is just a number. I plan to give her a tour of yeovil in somerset, and then we can make plans for our wedding in the new year.

When questioned about the wedding.....christel said she was not here for rons passport, but had genuine feelings for
I love ron, and want to take care of him.....

surprised he has any money left after 8 divorces....

allnightlong Post time 2016-11-28 01:47:10

Would not marry a husband if he's married before

Ratfink Post time 2016-12-2 21:28:36

I'm surprised the authorities granted his wife to be entry given his track record.

parcher Post time 2017-11-13 19:17:04

poor old Ron. he got ditched by his wife to be before he could tie the not:lol
she ran off with someone else, but old ron has contacted the police, as her visa will run out soon;P  .
he still is in good spirits though, and says the search for another wife is back on, and he already has dozens of offers...

parcher Post time 2017-11-13 19:19:27

silly old men with only their pensions to live off, are only a great catch for woman looking for a way in to the uk...
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