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Why do men cheat on their pregnant wives?

(Shanghai daily) THE Chinese Internet was abuzz on Thursday after a widely-followed Weibo user posted photos and videos of Lin Dan, badminton Olympic champion, with a ‘mystery woman’. The post has stirred up great attention online and it has come just days after the badminton star’s wife gave birth to their first child.

“Detective Zhao”, a popular Weibo author famous for gossiping about celebrities and entertainment stars, posted pictures and videos he claimed showed the two-time Olympic champion with a woman in this October.

Other internet users quickly identified her as Zhao Yaqi, a model and actress. The post has spread like wildfire online and has drawn tens of thousands of comments on Weibo and other social networking platforms.

Lin’s wife Xie Xingfang, who is also China's top badminton star, gave birth to their son on November 5. Lin Dan is a two-time Olympic champion, five-time World champion. He is widely regarded as the greatest singles player of all time. Lin has so far remained silent about the accusation. Lin Dan and his wife are deemed as an ideal couple, and many think why even the happiest couples can still face cheating. Why do men tend to cheat while their lovely ladies are pregnant?

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Model Zhao Yaqi

Jarek Post time 2016-11-22 00:13:03

One non-proven case reported and you generalize all men as being bad. Difficult to be taken seriously in this case.
What about the woman involved, she is not innocent either.
Why not change the title into: Why do women try to steal innocent men from pregnant women?

TedM Post time 2016-11-22 08:41:06

One example of a "celebrity" being ignorant and selfish is not enough to brand all men as unfeeling idiots. Another case of media sensationalism. Indeed most men maintain the instinctive need to protect pregnant partners. There will always be morons; men and women, who do not care for anyone but themselves.
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